Welcome to J-Armory Trading Company a company specialized in bring you High Quality Japanese swords.  We are proud to offer swords from the Furuyama and Hanwei (Paul Chen) forges.  Each sword line offers the user and collector an opportunity to own a high quality hand forged weapon at a reasonable price.  Each item is hand inspected before delivery to insure that you are getting the best quality product possible.  Our products are not only for the collector but also for the martial art practitioner.

Japanese Swords     

Furuyama Forge offers several custom blade geometries and sori in lengths up to 35" long and handle lengths up to 15" long.  Typical delivery for a Furuyama swords is approximately 4 - 6 moths depending on order volume.


The Hanwei (Paul Chen) Forge offers a wide assortment of Japanese swords.  The swords come in standard lengths and are typical in stock at the factory warehouse.  Delivery is typically 1 - 2 weeks for stock items and a few months for back ordered items. 



The Austin Komei Jyuku is a traditional budo / Japanese swordsmanship dojo located in Austin, TX.  It is an official branch of the Komei Jyuku which is headed by Sekiguchi Komei sensei and under the guidance of the Texas Komei Jyuku which is headed by Walt Bushey sensei.  The Austin Komei Jyuku trains in Yamauchi-Ha Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu iaijutsu (無雙直傳英信流居合術) and Ryouen-ryu naginatajutsu (菱延流凪刀術).  Feel free to contact Brandon Burkett sensei with any questions you may have or to learn more.


古山 (Furuyama) Custom Line of Tameshigiri Swords!

A Tosa Style Katana & Wakizashi Now Available

This 33.5" sword features a Diamond Cross-Section and a Heavy Blade


Shibudho DenisonShibucho Denison  
Shibucho DenisonShibucho Denison  

Colorado Komei Jyuku Shibucho Denison using a Tosa Katana

Berkett Sensei

Austin Komei Jyuku Berkett Sensei using a Tosa Katana

 Mr. Becker is using a Custom Hayabusa with Heavy Blade Option

Hauabusa Ninpo Custom Katana

Furuyama Custom Sword Option & Lower Prices !


Furuyama Folded Blade with Natural Clay Tempered Hamon

Furuyama Shinken with Natural Clay Tempered Hamon

Paul Chen, Hanwei Forge

Traditional Tamahagane Katana

L6 Bainite Katanas


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